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New climate change science based discussions


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  • Location: Aviemore
  • Location: Aviemore

    After a break of a few days, the climate area is now open again but with a new focus..


    From here on in, all discussions on the subject of climate change need to be science or fact based. The definition of this is obviously a little open ended, so as a guide, these are the things which will be considered as suitable within these threads:


    Discussions around factual recordings (temperature records, sea ice, Arctic ice etc etc)

    Discussions around peer reviewed papers, scientific journals, articles in scientific magazines/publications. 

    Discussions around serious articles in the written press. 


    What won't be considered as suitable are:


    Discussions around items published in random/non-scientific (often single-agenda driven) blogs, youtube videos and the like. 

    Discussions around non-serious sensationalist articles in the written (often tabloid) media.


    What is specifically off limits are conspiracy theory type stories, and attitudes. It's one thing to be sceptical about science, to ask questions and so on. But in order to move any discussion forward, an open mind is needed - if your attitude is that regardless of any science or evidence, you have a belief and that's the only direction you're looking in, then it's not going to work. 


    Thread changes

    The split general discussion threads have now been closed, and there is no longer a general climate change discussion thread so as to keep all discussions focussed on a particular subject. 


    Moderation in the climate area - simple and clear-cut for all who take part.

    Posting off topic within threads (particularly bearing in mind the guidelines above), name calling, being disrespectful to other members, or in fact anything which breaks the forum guidelines will mean a warning from the team. Beyond that single warning, any further problems will result in that person being stopped from posting into this part of the forum permanently. 


    This obviously appears quite abrupt, but we have to move on from some of the issues which have plagued these discussions in recent times..


    As ever, if you have questions please feel free to pm a member of the team, and if you see a post which you think may be an issue, please hit the report button and let the team deal with it.


    Moving the climate debate forward.

    We would like to bring some special guests to the forum to maybe run some q&a sessions, or speak about their particular expertise - so if you think you may fit the bill, or know someone who would - please let us know. 


    We're also going to look to add one or two members of the team to help host/moderate the discussions in here, if you're interested please drop me a pm. 





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