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16th-26th October 1905: unusually cold


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

The period 16th-26th October 1905 was unusually cold, CET for that period was just 3.8C The CET minimum for the same period was a remarkable -0.8C

The monthly CET for the month was 7.1C



Numerous locations reported at least a ground frost on 11 consecutive nights.

Minima recorded the month.

Camden Square: -2.3C on 22nd

Tenterden: -3.3C on 17th

Winslow: -4.4C on 22nd, 25th

Alderbury: -5.6C on 16th

Launceston: -8.3C on 23rd

Bromsgrove: -7.8C on 21st

Aberystwyth: -5.6C on 22nd

Edinburgh: -6.7C on 20th

Dublin: -1.7C on 21st

Waterford: -5.3C on 18th

Omagh: -5.6C on 19th

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  • Location: Evesham/ Tewkesbury
  • Weather Preferences: Enjoy the weather, you can't take it with you 😎
  • Location: Evesham/ Tewkesbury

Probably comparable to October 1997..... :cold:

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