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Structured Weather Learning


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Hey Guys, 


I was looking for a little advice as a novice. I've always had a large interest in weather and photography, which is good since they go hand in hand. 


I've got the photography down through lots of practice (landscape) over the years, but I would like to incorporate weather prediction into working out when there is a higher chance of certain types of cloud, thunderstorms, shelf clouds and the such. 


I've been reading about weather for the last 3 months straight nearly every night and I have learnt a lot about certain aspects, but nothing that has moulded together to help with what I want to know. 


Is there any advice people could give me on what I should study (I work full time so it's all personal study) and what's relevant and what isn't. I know I'll never work for the weather office,but I would like to be able to pick out myself when certain features would be occurring (and why they are so and why they may change) or when conditions are what I am after (to save A LOT of wasted early morning trips).


Any help would be much appreciated. I think the lack of structure is what is hurting me currently.



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