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Hi folks, new to this forum and to the apparently fascinating hobby of weather watching. So new in fact, I know nothing about it as you will see.

I have made a start with what may be the start and end or a throwaway after upgrading in the new year if the bug bites.

I have bought this very basic unit of Amazon simply to play as I learn. If I learn enough then I will be more than happy to go for a more serious unit but at the moment, it would be a waste of money as you will see due to my lack of knowledge. The unit measures temperature, min and max, humidity and pressure (I am so lacking, I didn't even realise it had a barometer feature when I ordered it)

So, even with something so basic, I have the inevitable questions which I hope someone will be generous enough to offer advice on.

1: The outdoor sensor, according to the instructions, should be ideally mounted on a north facing wall out of direct sun, rain and snow. I had considered the north facing and had planned to mount it on a fence post. However, this would not be sheltered from the rain so would it be advisable to make a open fronted box for it to fit in? I was thinking of the bottom section of a four pint plastic milk bottle. Would this affect the measurements adversely?

2: The instructions state that the humidity needs to be calibrated. On an instrument this basic, would the humidity from the BBC Weather app be near enough?

3: As 2:, but for pressure. It currently reads 1014.3 indoors. The BBC Weather app shows 1016 and an online weather station 1km away is reading 1015.

Hope to get the sensor set up tomorrow so I can have a play so any advice would be most welcome.post-24215-0-24366300-1446846781_thumb.j

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Thanks Thunderbolt 😊

I have now got the sensor at the top of the garden behind a porch upright on the summerhouse so it is in the open but sheltered from the rain by the roof overhang. Signal to base is good and the base has, overnight, locked on to the radio clock.

Not sure if the siting is right but I will compare readings to a station 1km away to see if there are any huge anomalies after it has had time to settle down. The sensor sends a signal every 48 seconds but given the cost involved, I don't expect it to be super fast in updating but I can live with that (for now ðŸ˜)

Have to say, I am like a kid with a new toy. Yesterday, it rained and then cleared up a bit later on. This morning it is raining with blustery wind but, I can see that the pressure is dropping, quite a bit since midnight. So I can now see, if not yet fully understand, what the changes are to explain what is going on outside.

I think I have to admit that the bug has well and truly bitten........


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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

don't apologise Paddy, we all have to learn and folk on here will be willing to help you. start with the most simple and gradually work up. Both with observing data and learning how to read the models. Try the Net Wx Guides for help with the models but don't leave. It's a fascinating hobby and almost all on here are 'weather nuts'



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