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Suffolk Thunderstorm 20-7-16


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  • Location: South East UK
  • Weather Preferences: Thunderstorms/squalls/hoar-frost/mist
  • Location: South East UK

Went on a small stormchase on 20th July, as some forecasts had been showing a chance of severe thunderstorms in East Anglia during the evening. 
After noting rapid growth of cbs to my west about 5.15PM, I headed out to Great Livermere which is my fav place to watch the skies during thundery weather.

As i arrived the storm to my NW was rumbling constantly with mostly C-C lightning
IMGP6185 storm 1.jpg

storm was heading SE towards me
IMGP6205 storm 2.jpg

The anvil shield over to the east
IMGP6208 storm 3.jpg

Storm moving closer with most of the hail to my north , i did get a few doinks on the car roof from 12mm hail, and gusty winds around 40mph.
 IMGP6228 storm 6 small.jpgIMGP6232 storm 8.jpgIMGP6244 storm 10 small.jpg

I drove through a couple of villages and found some flooding and some greenery from hedges and trees by the road due to a combination of hail and wind
near Elmswell i saw what looked like a funnel cloud
IMGP6247 elmswell 2.jpg

Further east at Mendlesham another possible funnel cloud was seen, and some foliage blown onto the road 

IMGP6250 .tif mend funnel.jpgIMGP6283 mendlesham.jpg

The storm was now over the Suffolk coast and still going strong,certainly moving too fast to catch. 
 IMGP6293 towers small.jpgIMGP6283 mickfield storm.jpg

One of the best storms for a few years around here,although i wish i had not tried to chase it and took more video instead.... 

timelapse here 




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