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January 2018 Weather Stats


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  • Location: Nr Malton, North Yorkshire 53m
  • Weather Preferences: Snow/Thunderstorms
  • Location: Nr Malton, North Yorkshire 53m

    A fairly average month temperature wise, with rainfall falling just above average.


    Mean Temp: 4.1c (+0.6c)

    Mean Min: 1.8c (+0.8c)

    Mean Max: 6.4c (+0.4c)

    Min Temp: -3.2c (20th)

    Max Temp: 12.3c (23rd)

    Highest Min: 8.1c (28th)

    Lowest Max: 2.1c (21st)

    Frosts: 6 (50%)


    Total: 56.8mm (110%)

    Wettest Day: 10.0mm (17th)

    High Rain Rate: 39.8mm/hr (23rd)

    Rain Days: 26

    Dry Days: 5


    Highest: 1033.12 hPa (7th)

    Lowest: 975.49 hPa (2nd)


    High Gust: 51mph (2nd)

    Average Speed: 5.7mph

    Wind Run: 4239.1 miles

    Gale Days: 0


    Days with snow falling: 3

    Days with snow lying: 3

    Total snow: 4cm

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  • Location: Dundee
  • Weather Preferences: Snow, thunderstorms, gales. All extremes except humidity.
  • Location: Dundee

    Mean temp 0.2C under 30 year average. 

    Av max 4.4C

    Av min -0.2C

    One mild day reached 10.4C but no others above 8C

    Lowest -7.8C

    Rain 77 mms so below Jan average.

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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania


    January - Hobart, Tasmania

    This was the equal warmest January in 135 years of records, a tie with 2003. It is the fourth month in a row for record or near-record warmth; both October and November set new records for mean temperature and December ranked second. There has been no four-month period of high monthly anomalies like this since records began in 1882. In fact, there hasn't been three, so this is new territory. The Tasmania-wide heat ranks for the last four months shows a corresponding heightened period of heat.  For January, the Hobart anomaly was +1.95c ( compared to 1981-2010 ) or +2.25c above 1961-1990. This month also saw the warmest January night ( official minimum ) , a record set on the 29th.

    Average maximum:  24.4 ( +2.2 )

    Average minimum:  14.3 ( +1.7 )

    Rainfall:  22mm ( average 47mm )

    Rain days (+1mm): 3/from 7   

    Very warm and dry, settled, with a lingering warmth from the continent. There were 7 days of precipitation. Weak fronts crossing southern Tasmania brought 0.2mm on the 7th and 10th. A strong front crossing from the west brought 6mm on the night of the 12th, then cool onshore winds from the south brought  frequent showers and 11mm on the 13th. A clearing shower on the 14th with 0.2mm. Dry until the 29th with a front crossing during the day bringing 5mm. Cooler west-southwesterly winds on the 30th with 0.6mm of showers. Another front later in the day to bring a few showers overnight and through the 31st . A  dusting of snow to 1000m early in the morning.

    Extremes in daily temperature for January ( records since 1883 ):

    Highest maximum:  36.7.....28th ( record 41.8 in 2013 )

    Lowest maximum:  15.8.....13th ( record 11.1 in 1885 )

    Highest minimum:  23.9.....29th ( previous record 23.4 in 2013 )

    Lowest minimum:  8.4.....31st ( record 3.3 in 1902 )

    Historical month for warmth...again


    ....and the record warm January night



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  • Location: Essex Riviera aka Burnham
  • Weather Preferences: 30 Degrees of pure British Celsius
  • Location: Essex Riviera aka Burnham

    January 2018 

    Burnham on Crouch, Essex

    Mild, cloudy, breezy at times. Limited frosts. Rainfall near average.

    Months average temperature: 6.4c (+2.2c above average)

    Coldest Day: 20th 4.5c  Coldest Night: 21st 0.5c  Mildest Day: 28th 13.7c  Mildest Night: 28th 9.2c

    Frosts: Air frosts: 0  Ground frosts: 5

    Snowy days: 21st brief wet slushy dusting which melted quickly

    Windiest day: 18th gale force westerly veering to west north westerly, gusts to 51mph.


    Seems like a large variation from the mild south of the country to the north where temps were near normal.

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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

    From Cantley Doncaster

    Cantley January 2018 weather summary

    Just about an average month all round, temperature and rainfall, snow data is not complete as away for 10 days coinciding with the coldish spell.

     Mean=5.2 (5.1)

    Max=7.7 (7.4) The warmest day was 28th with 14.4 and the coldest 3.4 on the 9 th

    Min=2.7 (2.7) My coldest night -5.9 on the 8th and the warmest 10.9 on the 29 th

     Rainfall=35.6 mm just a shade about average, 15 days with 2 mm or more and 11 with 1.0 mm or more; the wettest day being the 16 th with 6.2 mm

    Snow data is doubtful see above, no hail, fog or thunder

    6 (7) air frosts and 11 (12) ground frosts

     Temperatures showing just on average, max a shade above, with rainfall a touch above; no definite data re snow as away 16-26 inc

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