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Ambient Weather 1001 Wifi Temperature Averaging!

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I am using Ambient Weather 1001 wifi since Jan 2016, its working fine since then and I have latest firmware of 2.4.6 running in the station. My only concern with the station is that its temperature is set to 10 mins of Averaging, which is very frustrating when sudden temperature changes occur and its far from being realistic. I have other weather station close by e.g davis, ambient 2902, and chinese clones of Ambient 1001 wifi. All these stations update realistic changes of Temperature while my 1001 wifi lags behind significantly. 


I want to ask help in this regard, what should be done in order to implement changes to firmware and is it ok to download latest hp 1000 or 2000 firmware files from www.foshk.com to run on my station, as it seems all chinese clones which update realistic changes are using firmwares from foshk..


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