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Very Loud Thunderstorms in Kuwait ( Videos )


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Greetings ^^

This is my first post ever here on this site

Hope we get along well ^^

Here is some collections of videos showing a very loud thunderstorms in Kuwait 

Hope you enjoy it

One of the videos has my lightning detector in action ^^

The third video has the lightning detector & also a lightning strike X)

Reminding :

At the beginning of every video is the beginning of each storm, so the thunder will get louder the more you proceed with the video

Note :

For better experience please wear your headphones - thanks!



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  • Location: Barton on Sea, Hampshire
  • Weather Preferences: Snowy winter, warm/hot summer with the odd storm thrown in
  • Location: Barton on Sea, Hampshire


Nice videos. I haven't heard thunder that loud for a long time. 

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