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Vantage Vue 0 MPH.............

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Even when the wind is blowing.  The issue started yesterday morning with a big Nor'Easter coming for later in the day.  For the record my Davis Vantage Vue has been online since 2011 with no issues.  Only the occasional ISS battery change every 2-3 years.  Unit was transmitting good and diagnostics indicating no issues.

The storm arrived later in the day.  All functions operating normally except wind speed.  Stuck at zero.  Wind direction indicating normally.  

Typical Nor'Easter.  Sustained winds around 20MPH with gusts up to 60MPH.  Slowly overnight the wind speed indicator started working.  Very sporadic at first with inaccurate readings, then slowly improving.  Finally, around mid morning the unit started working normally with no zero readings and indicating, from my experience, accurate and consistent readings.  Currently operating normally.  No zero wind speed readings with the wind cups spinning like a banshee.  For the record, my highest gust was recorded at 57 MPH so it has been interesting here.  

I'm assuming the speed indicator operates off some sort of hall effect sensors.  Is it possible that gunk, dirt, spiders, etc could get in to muck up the works and the extremely high winds got things cleaned out a bit?  I would take it down for a visual but it is getting harder and harder for me to climb up to get to it.  I need to have it relocated to a pole that will give me better access to the battery and maintenance without climbing up extension ladders.  


Thank you in advance. 

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