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Mapped: How climate change affects extreme weather around the world


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  • Location: Camborne

In the early 2000s, a new field of climate science research emerged that began to explore the human fingerprint on extreme weather, such as floods, heatwaves, droughts and storms.

Known as “extreme event attribution”, the field has gained momentum, not only in the science world, but also in the media and public imagination because of the power it has to link the seemingly abstract concept of climate change with our own tangible experiences of the weather.

Scientists have published more than 230 peer-reviewed studies looking at weather events around the world, from Hurricane Katrina to Russia’s 2010 heatwave. The result is mounting evidence that human activity is raising the risk of some types of extreme weather, especially those linked to heat.

Carbon Brief’s analysis suggests 68% of all extreme weather events studied to date were made more likely or more severe by human-caused climate change. Heatwaves account for 43% such events, droughts make up 17% and heavy rainfall or floods account for 16%.

To track how the evidence on this fast-moving topic is stacking up, Carbon Brief has mapped – to the best of our knowledge – every extreme event attribution study from a peer-reviewed journal.

First published in July 2017, this article is the second iteration of what will become an annual update to incorporate new studies. The aim is that it serves as a tracker for the evolving field of “extreme event attribution”.


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  • Location: Mytholmroyd, West Yorks.......

I remember the pooh we'd get into every time we dared mention the 'augmentation' that AGW was placing on individual weather events back in those 'early noughties' Knocks!

I could never get my head around the notion that AGW, being a global phenomenon, was not impacting each and every weather event purely by the fact that it was a 'Global Phenomenon'?

What did such 'denial' of the facts brings to those touting it?

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