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Science Museum SM2282 433MHz weather station

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I have a Science Museum SM2282 433MHz weather station (see below image) which was purchased in the UK in 2006 - been going strong till March 2020, when the outside ISM band 433MHz temperature sensor finally quit (see image for sensor type).

Looking at current models, I can see they are not a patch on this weather station for clarity and simplicity of the display. I am loathe to chuck the thing out just because it has no outside temperature.

Does anybody know who manufactured this weather station and/or if there are any current model temperature sensors which would be compatible? Maybe someone knows if this sensor is still available for purchase.


Any help - much appreciated



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..after much Googling (well, Duck-Duck Go-ing), solved the problem and found a compatible replacement 433MHz sensor for the year 2005/6 model Science Museum SM2282 weather station...TFA Dostmann 30.3139 (got it on Amazon). Bought purely on the premise that the 433MHz symbol was practically the same on both the old and new models. All back up and running and ordered 2 more for the other 2 channels.

Screenshot 2020-03-19 at 14.30.10.png

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  • Location: Stow on the Wold
  • Location: Stow on the Wold

Dear Joe9t,  I have taken your advice and purchased a 443MHZ sensor, because the original no longer worked, and the new one worked for a few days, and has now stopped sending signals although temperature is shewn on the sensor. Any suggestions

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