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What was the lowest temperature recorded during this event?  

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  1. 1. What was the lowest temperature recorded during this event?

    • - 22.8C
    • - 21.3C

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  • Location: Ramsey, Minnesota (USA)
  • Weather Preferences: Thunderstorms/Snow/Hail & Strong Winds
  • Location: Ramsey, Minnesota (USA)

Hey everybody, 

First off hope everybody is managing themselves during this very difficult time, both mentally and physically! Though as I am sure everybody will agree that this forum has acted as a good place for many, with many helpful topics and thoughtful members! Though as the 'Covid 19' threads can be rather depressing, I have decided to devise this thread as a distraction for those who are struggling or just as a means of thinking and talking about events of the past! 

This thread:

. Discuss people's personal memories of certain events, whether its personal or simply memories of news responses etc

. Provide a FRIENDLY environment for people to chat and remember events

. To look back and remind ourselves of some of the crazy weather this country has experienced! The events will largely be post 2000 so we can incorporate younger members! Though some really famous 'older' events will be included also! 

How will it work?

. Every day (10 am approx), a new event will be added to discuss. A brief overview of the event will be provided, mainly from the Met Office historical archives! 

. A question will be also be added on each day for people to have a guess with and a bit of fun!







'From late November to Boxing Day 2010 the UK experienced two spells of severe winter weather with very low temperatures and significant snowfalls. The first of these spells lasted for two weeks from Thursday 25 November to Thursday 9 December and saw persistent easterly or north-easterly winds bringing bitterly cold air from northern Europe and Siberia, accompanied by snow. Eastern Scotland and north-east England saw the most persistent and heaviest snow, which accumulated to depths of 50 cm or more across the higher ground by the end of the spell. However, lower lying areas were also affected and the snow increasingly spread to other parts of the UK, so that by early December many areas of the UK were under lying snow. Temperatures struggled to rise above freezing during the day and there were very severe frosts at night. Temperatures widely fell below -10 °C on several nights and on occasion below -20 °C in northern Scotland. This spell of snow and freezing temperatures occurred unusually early in the winter, with the snowfalls judged as the most significant and widespread in late November and early December since late November 1965. The period from 9 to 15 December saw milder and quieter conditions with a gradual thaw of lying snow. However, a second spell of severe weather began on Thursday 16 December as very cold Arctic air pushed down across the UK from the north. Snow showers affected the north and west on Friday 17 December, while there was heavier snow across southern England and Wales on Saturday 18 December. Further heavy snow affected south-west England on Monday 20 December. The UK remained under bitterly cold Arctic air until Boxing Day, with day time temperatures again failing to rise above freezing and very severe frosts. While there was little further snowfall, lying snow remained until 26 to 27 December'.





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