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Late June and first half of July 1963


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I've been reading a detailed account of a canal holiday taken in the North Wales and North West/West Midlands area  between the end of June and the first two weeks of July in 1963. 


One thing I've noticed is a rather interesting weather pan during that time; seemingly a real mix of hot, humid and sultry weather, followed by thunderstorms and torrential rain. One or two absolute wash out days, intermixed with some scorching weather. Sounds a bit like July 94 & 14 and August 97 & 04.

Can anyone remember the first half of July 63, or access to any weather analysis of that time, please?       


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  • Location: Hounslow, London
  • Weather Preferences: Csa/Csb
  • Location: Hounslow, London

Seemed like any heat managed to completely avoid the London area. Highest temps were 26c in June and 27c in July. One of the lowest in any summer.

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