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Weather station that links to an app


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Hi all -


Ive always wanted an outdoor sensor than transmits the data in the garden to an app where I can look at work..

Thinking of this as a present - I saw something like this on weather shop


The Internet Gateway collects the data from Mobile-Alerts sensors, which can be accessed via the Internet from your...


Im not to fussed on crystal clear sensor accuracy as the average 'cheapish' sensor has a tolerance of about 0.5c either way- however whats key is being able to login at work & see the garden temp ...

On a budget...

Any help out there...

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I have seen those before, but haven't seen any reviews.

One thing to remember, you'll have to purchase sensors separately for it, as it is just a hub for collecting data, it doesn't have sensors built in to it.

Just to add; 

I have bought Ecowitt weather equipment from China. Whilst it isn't on par with Davis equipment, it is pretty damn good for those on a budget. Other companies have now started buying the components and putting their label on it.

I bought something called a 'GW1000' - it's basically a tiny USB hub that picks up data from any sensors you buy and then uploads the data to Ecowitt's free website (which is actually really nice)

There's also a local app which you can view data when you're on your home network.

They call it a DP1500 - It comes with a temperature and humidity probe, as well as barometric pressure. This has to be indoors of course.. however, you can then start purchasing sensors whenever you like, the DP1500 will automatically pick up the sensors and start uploading the data - when you've configured it.

With that all in mind, I would recommend doing it that way, as it's cheaper to start with and then you can add on other things in time. ie lightning detector, soil moisture sensor, air quality, anemometer etc and it's relatively cheap.

^ That alone will do what you want it to do, and get you indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, and pressure.


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A Ventus W830 from www.weatherspares.co.uk

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