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WH1081- revived!

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  • Location: Wallington, S London (now working from home)
  • Weather Preferences: hot sunny summers to ripen the veg and cold snowy winters of course
  • Location: Wallington, S London (now working from home)

Just wanted to share my good news with people that might understand the excitement.

Being stuck in the UK over Christmas, instead of up a mountain somewhere snowy, lead us to reinstate our old weather station. I bought a second one of these when the display on the first one failed, and we found all the other parts in a box under the sideboard. So, batteries in the display and garden gauges replaced, I installed CumulusMX on my PC, plugged in the USB lead, and we were up and running again in time for the storm, and we could check the garden weather wirelessly from our phones any time of the day and night.

Now, having the USB plugged in permanently on the laptop is not ideal so time to revisit the Raspberry Pi. It's been 5 years since the set up last worked - how time flies. I decided not to update the hardware as I was certain it should still work well enough to process the station data, so set about updating Cumulus. All got way too hard with stuff like Mono, which I had no idea was a thing until now, so went onto the helpful Cumulus forum, and downloaded the image file to update the operating system and install CumulusMX all in one go. 

I am pleased to say that I now have the USB plugged into the Pi for convenient, permanent running, (albeit with the occasional lock up which was to be expected but yet to be investigated). The station now sends date to the Met Office WOW, PWS and from today, Twitter, as a lucky Cumulus1 back up, on an old USB drive, still had the authorisation tokens that Twitter will no longer authorise.

The next project will be a website

Thanks for reading

Met Office WOW


Twitter: @Foresters_D



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