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Newmarket Storm 1978?


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As storm Christoph rages and in lockdown spirit I've rediscovered the excellent  BBC series from the late 1980s is appearing on You Tube. Namely "The Rock and Roll Years"

On to 1978 and it starts with a Newmarket storm which I've never heard of? I think we'll get some snow in this one and in 1979! But there is the washout 1st May Day


Any ideas history buffs?


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This on Google:

Freak storm turns Newmarket into disaster area
The damage left by a whirlwind which hit Newmarket, overturning a caravan and wrecking the roof of a house. January 3, 1978. ... A tornado cut a two-mile swathe through Newmarket. Roofs were ripped off buildings, windows smashed and cars overturned.

Philip Eden reported on 'a swarm of tornadoes' which hit parts of East Anglia and Lincolnshire.

There was a report on the storm by Weather-history on this thread in Jan 2007. 


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