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What are your favorite weather periods since 2000?

Josh Romano

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  • Location: Caserta(ITALY)
  • Location: Caserta(ITALY)

Dear Irish forumists, I would like to ask you what are your weather periods from 2000 to today ...

Italy, like the whole Mediterranean basin, is very affected by the warming in the hot semester.
However,my favorite weather period is the solar year 2010 in spring and from september to december., which saw many interesting periods of cold and a lot of dynamism in Italy
Another interesting period was 2005, from January to April and from october to december.
Here are some months I enjoyed:
December 2001: very cold and in some phases even snowy in peninsular Italy, similar to December 1980;
January 2004: two very strong cold waves, alternating with milder phases;
May 2004: an unusual May in Italy, rainy but above all cool, with late snowfalls in the Apennines
March 2005: the beginning of the cold and snowy month
November 2005: the first part of the month was dominated by fog, in the end it was very cold
October 2007: an unusual cold spell in Italy in the early part of autumn
December 2007: intense pre-Christmas cold wave
December 2010: first exceptionally mild month, then an intense pre-Christmas cold wave
March 2011: same situation as in March 2005 in the early days
November 2013: final of the cold month
July 2014: unusually dynamic month with little heat
May 2016: start of the month similar to 2004
autumn 2017: an Italian autumn similar to the pre-90s, very old style
February 2018: cold wave with snow in Rome and Naples
January 2019: rather cold month, with snow in Campania between 4 and 5

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  • Location: Cheshire
  • Location: Cheshire

In the UK, perhaps rather surprisingly in view of the first lockdown then in force, I would rate last April and May as my favourite weather period. Day after day of sun and warmth (without being muggy or sweaty) and the ability to sit outside and enjoy the warmth. Also considerably less traffic on the roads meant that birdsong and other sounds of nature could be heard clearly, and everything seemed so fresh and coloured so beautifully under a blue sky. Hopefully we may get more of the same this Spring although I think the increased traffic levels now will lessen the effects of nature at its best this year.   

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