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The Impact of Climate Change on UK Weather

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  • Location: Broxbourne, Herts
  • Weather Preferences: Snow snow and snow
  • Location: Broxbourne, Herts

Rolling thirty year average of aggregate mean CETs for each season from 1688

All seasons showing a definite uptick for the past few decades

The rolling 30 year averages as a percentage of the overall average (1659 - 2020)


The biggest impact by some way is on the winter season.  It's not good news for the many of this forum who are lovers of cold and snow as well and hot and sunny because the season that appears to have responded the least is summer.  The consistency of summer is fairly remarkable when compared to the other seasons, with all years falling within a band of fractionally over 8 percentage points (between 96.3% to 104.5%), whereas spring and autumn span a range of over 20 percentage points and winter over 56 percentage points

The rises that have taken place have been most notable in the last 30 years.   In fact the rolling 30 years average means for Spring and Summer in 1991 were pretty much bag on the overall 332 year average. This cold Spring may have come as a bit of shock to us as we have been getting so used to our Springs getting warmer of late....




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