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Headless men.

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  • Location: Powys Mid Wales borders.
  • Location: Powys Mid Wales borders.

Its a strange topic I ve chosen but the pictures are great.


Various species of mythical headless men were rumoured, in antiquity and later, to inhabit remote parts of the world. They are variously known as akephaloi or Blemmyes and described as lacking a head, with their facial features on their chest. These were at first described as inhabitants of ancient Libya or the Nile system. Later traditions confined their habitat to a particular island in the Brisone River, or shifted it to India.

Was there a race of headless men, with eyes on their chests or shoulders and a mouth in the middle of their belly? Various legends exist, from Libya to Egypt to Greece and over to India.As with Bigfoot, who likewise seems to be lacking a neck, there are no bodies to examine. But photos of Bigfoot show his clavicle running up to the back of his head, and human/Bigfoot hybrids likewise have this characteristic.

The human body is known to have a long neck or short, almost seemingly missing. Some humans have an extra vertebrae, known as being long-waisted. Mutations are a fact of life and occur continually in all species. What would be the appearance of a human if the neck vertebrae were to disappear entirely? It is not that the face is located in the chest, but that the face drops in front of the chest. This mutation was accompanied by genetics for a tall strong body so was passed on for a time, but eventually died out.


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