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New Project for weather stations using Meteobridge/Weatherbridge/CumulusMX/Netatmo

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  • Location: Australia
  • Location: Australia

Hey All,

Not sure if anyone is interested but I thought I would do a shout out for a project I have setup.   Basically I have a Davis weather station and I was fed up running back and forth checking the rain levels during exciting storms.  Anyway, all the cloud services are good at collecting data but viewing real time was close to 10 mins delay.  Anyway, I set up a cloud service to hook up weather stations and push real time weather data to a virtual weather console.  I have a few old tablets around the house so now I have a console in every room.    and I figured others might like it too.

It’s free for anyone to use, just be kind as I have only recently finished setting it up, would love to get some feedback!


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