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Summer Rain and Nature

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  • Location: Broxbourne, Herts
  • Weather Preferences: Snow snow and snow
  • Location: Broxbourne, Herts

It was my first day of freedom yesterday after a spell of imprisonment for catching Covid so I wandered down the the local yesterday afternoon where one of my favorite local singers was booked to perform in the outside garden 

Before doing so, knowing I was unlikely to be returning before the hours of darkness, I closed the windows in my kitchen and pulled down the blind.

While I was in the pub, fortunately within a marquee, right on cue as she began her performance, the heavens opened and I mean opened.  I would struglle to recall a time when I have seen it rain with as much intensity for as long as it did.  In fact, incredibly, it eased up while she was on her break and then came again with the same intensity and duration when she started up again!

I duly started making up for lost time in the pub and eventually at some point in time arrived home, a fact I am only aware of through the knowledge that I woke up in my bed this morning!

Upon opening the blind in the kitchen, I was astounded at the number of house flies that had accumulated behind it!   I opened the window and nearly all disappeared, though a couple of unlucky ones ended up getting closer to the window than I imagine they would have liked to get!

I've not come across this before. I only moved here last year so hadn't experienced summer rain like that before with the blinds closed. However, a couple of months ago we had torrential rain, a day after which I noticed some earth below my back door and then a load of ants responsible for putting it there.   Going across to the shop to get some ant powder, I met a mate who was in there to do the same having come across the same problem in his house!

I presume the collection of flies within the blinds, and the intrusion of ants into my house, were connected with the respective downpours.    Is this a fair assumption on my part and, if so, is there an explanation of some sorts for it   I can understand the ants I suppose but does heavy rain encourage flies into seeking refuge in a house even more than they usually do?

Are there any other peculiar traits concerning weather extremes and nature in this country?

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