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Rain Gauge Issue

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  • Location: Chelmsford, Essex 63m asl
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  • Location: Chelmsford, Essex 63m asl


    I have a Wastson W8686 PWS which is a clone of the HP2550.

    I've noticed over recent weeks that my PWS would register the odd 0.3mm when there are clear skies.

    It happened again around lunchtime today. Sun is shining and 0.3mm is recorded.

    I checked the PWS Friday, cleaned out the tipping bucket (it wasn't dirty as I'd done this the week before because of these odd issues).

    I'm wondering whether the wind is playing a part and moving the pole it's attached too. For example we had heavy rain this morning so it's possible the bucket could have been almost at tipping point when it stopped raining and the slightest movement tipped it.

    Had anyone come across this issue of recording rain when there is none?



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  • Location: North York Moors

    If it can vibrate and oscillate in wind it could trip, you can often get a trip from dewy condensation which might only go through later in the day.
    This is one of the drawbacks of an all in one set up where you want it high enough for wind but ideally rain would be recorded near ground level and temperature at abut 1.5m. There are always compromises in real world

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