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Tour 3 - Bonus Chase Day

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  • Location: Macclesfield, Cheshire
  • Weather Preferences: Thunderstorms, Lightning, Tornado, Hurricane, Heatwave
  • Location: Macclesfield, Cheshire

    Tour 3 is off to a great start with an ENHANCED Risk across Eastern KS yesterday for supercells with large to very large hail, hurricane force wind gusts and a couple of tornadoes possible. 10% tornado risk too.

    With Tour 2 dropped off at Denver, we've all headed East down I-70 into Kansas as far as Salina, and turned South. As we came towards Salina, huge towers were popping up off the dryline, and after heading South, Paul picked us a storm and we busted through it, to the base on the other side.

    The storms were top, but were all more diurnal in nature and after some decent structure and a couple of wall clouds with some brief rotation, we ended the day in a VERY MUGGY Blackwell, OK.

    Some pics and video below.





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