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The torrential, flooding, thundery downpour of 6th June, 2009


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  • Location: Nelson, Caerphilly County, 175m ASL
  • Location: Nelson, Caerphilly County, 175m ASL

Does anybody on here have recollections of this, or any info on the synoptic background? The relative lack of any real information makes me think it must have been localised to my corner of southeast Wales, but gosh, what a downpour it was. Truly extraordinary.

I remember this event for one very good reason: our house was badly flooded by overflowing drains for the first (and hopefully last - it was a miserable experience and left the house uninhabitable) time. Information online about it, though, is limited, except for a vague news story buried deep in archives here and there and a few references to it in BBC forecasts uploaded to Youtube.

I was 18 at the time and weather-watching was not my top priority, so I was taken by surprise. I recall the preceding few days being quiet and cool, but once the rain arrived it was so intense that visibility was limited. Thunder and lightning were frequent and it continued for over an hour, causing violent flash flooding in the area, road closures, numerous home evacuations and small landslides; a Mexican friend in town said that it reminded her of the tropical downpours they have in Yucatan. There were further spells of heavy rain over the following day, but nothing compared to that Saturday afternoon deluge.

In all honesty, this was the event that has caused me to be wary of unstable, thundery weather. While I enjoy a good light show as much as anyone, the thought of going through a flash flood again fills me with dread.

Edit: I just rewatched the BBC forecast for clarity and it does seem that areas of England adjacent to southeast Wales were affected.


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