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Stevestorms Thursday 18th

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  • Location: Long Stratton Norfolk: Tornado Hot Spot.
  • Location: Long Stratton Norfolk: Tornado Hot Spot.

    Hi today we left the Big Texan again! after having a great night with Paul Knightly and Girlfriend Helen and a huge steak :p anyway didnt really expect anything today so we headed South to Palo duro Canyon to take some Camera shots, very nice place worth a visit, on the way out we noticed some Qu lifting so as we were in no rush we gave it some time and a bit of a chase to get some CGs and Thunder which was quite pleasent it was never going to be a big deal as there is no moisture and development was never going to happen in a big way at least.

    So after a bit of fun we headed North and Woodward just on the edge of the Ok Panhandle as we plan to get up to the high planes by Sunday.

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