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Late September 1895 heatwave


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    During the last week of September 1895, there was a remarkable heatwave with maxima getting into the high 20s.

    These are the record maxima for these dates in September, of which 6 happened in 1895

    24 30.0 1895

    25 30.6 1895

    26 29.4 1895

    27 30.6 1895

    28 29.4 1895

    29 27.8 1895

    All thanks to a southerly airflow







    The CET mean for the period 24th-30th September 1895 was a remarkable 18.0C

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam



    From the copy of the 28th September 1895 edition of the Times that I have of



    Some other reports

    Addington: The max temp was 70F and upwards on 17 days, 80F and upwards on 6 days. The last 8 days having an average of 80F, 85.0F on 24th.

    Abinger Hall: The temp reached or exceeded 80F on 5 days.

    Tenterden: Mean max temp: 73.0F, 6 days above 80F

    Lewes: The last 8 days were very hot, the max temp ranging from 76F to 82F

    Windsor: Very hot with brilliant sunshine, max of 82F

    Hedsor: Max of 79.0F on 27th

    Diss: A month of magnificent, still and almost cloudless weather, intensely hot to the end.

    Tavistock: The mean temp: 61.4F, maxima rose to or above 70F on 17 days

    Ross-on-Wye: Temp rose above 80F on 4 days and above 70F on 19 days

    Horncastle: The last fortnight was exceedingly hot and dry and on several days the sun shone from sunrise to sunset in an absolutely cloudless sky.

    Norwich: The last week was abnormally warm

    Weymouth: A warm month with many cloudless days. The last week of the month was the hottest in the year with an average of 66.2F. On ten days the temp rose to 70F and above

    Torquay: 213.75 hrs of sunshine; 73.9F on 28th

    Stroud: Max temp above 70F from 23rd to 30th inclusive. 79.0F on 9th

    Leicester: Max mean temp: 73.8F; Mean min temp: 44.8F

    Wakefield: For the week ending the 29th, the mean max. temp was 76.2, 17F above the average

    Manchester: 84.0F on the 28th

    Haverfordwest: The temp above 70F on 8 days, 7 of which occurred in the last week. 77.4F on the 28th

    Cargen: On 10 days the max eceeded 70F; 79F on the 28th

    Jedburgh: The temp on 12 days was above 70F, 84.0F on 9th and 13th

    Aberdeen: a very warm month; 74.0F on 25th and 27th

    Edinburgh: Phenomenally warm, mean temp 58.6F

    Dublin: The heat was tempered by a sea breeze but sundhine was above the average.

    Waringstown: Max: 81.0F on 27th

    Omagh: During the last week, the maximum ranged between 70F to 75F on 5 days. Maximum: 75.0F on 29th

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    This was pretty exceptional for late September and the longevity of it makes it even more remarkable. 7 consecutive days of above 25C for some locations for the last week of September is astonishing.

    When 1895 is ever mentioned this heatwave is totally forgotten and the freezing February is always remembered. A year certainly for the weather annals with a string of record minima in February and a string of record maxima at the end of September.

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  • Location: Derbyshire Peak District 290 mts. Wind speed 340 mts
  • Weather Preferences: Rain/snow, fog, gales and cold in every season
  • Location: Derbyshire Peak District 290 mts. Wind speed 340 mts

    It certainly was exceptional. Buxton had a max' of 26.3c on the 24th that month, the highest value for the last week in September on the entire record.

    The nearest approach to such late September heat in recent times was the max' of 25.5c on Sept' 21st 2006 (25.0c here) but that was a one day only offer.

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  • Location: Manchester
  • Location: Manchester

    84F in Manchester on the 28th- that's incredible. I can't find too many examples in the records of 29C in Manchester in September at all, let alone in the last few days of the month.

    That said, the figure clearly wasn't recorded at the airport which didn't exist at the time- could well have been in a more built-up area.

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