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Help Needed Please

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  • Location: Cwmbran. South East Wales 300ft ASL
  • Location: Cwmbran. South East Wales 300ft ASL

    Hi all,

    Firstly i know this may be the wrong place to post this topic but can the mods move it after a while to enhance my chances of a response. :unknw:

    I know this may be a bit of work for someone but it would please an amateur welsh weather fan enormously ;)

    I have been an active member for a good while now but generally just participate by reading all your informative posts.

    What i would really appreciate is a guide to reading the 00z, 06z charts etc......

    I know that there are guide and help sections on the forum but there arnt really any helpful sections that explain to a novice how to read these charts.

    For example what would be great for me would be examples such as this:

    a typical chart that showed a bartlet high or a euro high and a reason for why this has such a negative effect for our snow prospects,

    a typical chart that showed a siberian or greenland high and a reason why this has a positive effect for our snow prospects,

    an example of a raging jet, a flat jet and perhaps a northerly jet along with a southerly jet.

    Also what are all the different colours for on the chart?? what do they represent??

    Where are temperature and percipitation info found ? (the charts??)

    Would it be possible to have links for the websites for these charts please.

    If there are anything else that anyone would care to add it would be all very much appreciated as i am very keen to learn as much as posssible.

    As i said i have tried all the learning threads but none really explain chart reading that well.

    Thanks to anyone who may care to take time in helping me and perhaps many others out there

    Regards WW

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  • Location: Sheffield South Yorkshire 160M Powering the Sheffield Shield
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  • Location: Aviemore
  • Location: Aviemore

    Am going to move this to the learning area now, but to try and answer a few of your questions.

    You can find all the charts you need on netweather - for starters there is the datacentre:


    For wind, precipitation and temperature, just select the appropriate charts from the drop down menu and they're pretty self explanatory - for precipitation the colours represent how heavy the precip will be, for temp, the colours/numbers again show the temp and winds are shown with direction arrows and colours for speed.

    For a guide to the various snowy setups you can see this excellent guide by TWS:


    And likewise for non snowy setups:


    As for the rest, it all gets a bit deeper but rest assured the answers to your questions are pretty much all available within our guides area:



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