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An extraordinary run of cold Aprils

Optimus Prime

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  • Location: G.Manchester
  • Location: G.Manchester

1917-1925 saw a remarkable run of cold Aprils.

1917; 5.4c (-2.6c) 1917 started it with an average temperature of just 5.4c. The coldest of the Century and 7th coldest since records began.


All ranked out of 349.

1918; 6.7c (-1.3c) 55th/ coldest ever

1919; 7.1c (-0.9c) 88th coldest ever

1920; 8.2c (+0.2c) 213th coldest ever

1921; 8.0c (equal) 186th coldest ever

1922; 5.5c (-2.5c) second coldest of the 20th century and ranked 9th overall

1923; 7.6c (-0.4c) 146th coldest ever

1924; 6.9c (-1.1c) 70th coldest ever

1925; 7.5c (-0.5c) 117th coldest ever

And a nine year average of just 6.9c. 1.1c below average. Or an average rank of 99/349.

Pretty remarkable

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