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Buxton Average Temperatures?


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  • Location: West leeds, 115m asl
  • Location: West leeds, 115m asl

    Hi all, I was browsing though the msn averages feature the other day, and was surprised to see that Buxton (at 300m above sea level) doesn't appear to differ much in terms of temperature from towns at sea level. I gained the data from this site: http://weather.uk.msn.com/local.aspx?wealo...xton%2c+England

    I would have expected it to be a good degree or so lower compared to other towns, but as you can see the January average is max: 6c and min: 2c - the same as sea level towns. Could anyone hypothesise why this might be? The warm springs? Inaccurrate data? Averages only taken from the last (relatively mild) few years. Does anyone have any averages data which would show otherwise? Thanks, paul.

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