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Error When Trying To Send Feedback


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  • Location: The Wash - Norfolk side
  • Weather Preferences: Storms storms and more storms
  • Location: The Wash - Norfolk side

Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): Unknown error.

I get the error above when trying to send a feedback form to you regarding an error on the site.

My original problem is that when loading netweather.tv I get a brief pause and a flash of an error screen which reads AW SNAP - something went wrong" - can't read any more than that as it is very brief. The site then loads ok but between each page there is a slight pause and it seems that the page is attempting to load, stops and then loads ok. I've encountered the problem on two different pcs - one with IE and one with Firefox.

It's not stopping me getting onto the site but think you guys ought to be aware that there is an underlying problem

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