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  • Location: Camborne
  • Location: Camborne

In the 19th century Portreath could be taken as a microcosm of the Cornish mining industry. It is now a holiday town although some remnants of the past still exist. A quick explanation just to clarify a couple of the photos.

The small round hut at the end of the pier, known as "Monkey Island", was built to protect men on lookout duty when the jetty was extended in 1824. There is no public access to this jetty.

The round pilots' house on the north side of the harbour was also used as a mortuary for wreck victims and others. Thus the name Deadman’s Hut.

The "daymark", since it contains no light, was built around 1800 and doubled as a navigational aid and coastguards' and pilots lookout. Its local nicknames are "The Pepperpot" and "The Lighthouse".

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Lovley shots Weather Ship. I like Portreath, in fact I love that section of the coast eg. Porthtowan, St. Agnes, Perranporth etc.

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