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Guest ChaserUK

Today is going to be another good day. Target area is a little difficult to nail down but we are thinking near OKC. Further updates to follow...

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Guest ChaserUK

well yesterday it was a case of core punching storm after storm - at times we had to stop and turn around because the hail was soooo large! You could see it hundreds of meters up in the air - truly amazing day. Further updates to follow....

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Guest ChaserUK



We have already passed through the frontal boundary and are heading S on I44 towards Lawton. Stu has got word that discreet HP Supercells are developing widely and back-building. A Tornado Watch has also been issued for the area we have targeted. Temp currently 71F but no more obs available as the weather station packed up yesterday. We have just passed through a Severe Thunderstorm, again containing very large hail – I am sure we have more dents. There was even a brief funnel cloud to our W.


Still heading S and another Severe Thunderstorm is approaching – this one is a real hail producer apparently and it looks very green. Stu trying to plot course that will take us away from the hail core. Plan is to take H5 East away from core – not sure if we will make it……


Being pounded by very very large hail – very strong cross winds!!! This is the largest hail yet I think…. We then find some shelter but now again we are heading E. MASSIVE HAIL – HEADING FOR SOME TREES. TREES are being shredded. We wait for a bit then start heading E again but it looks worse then ever ahead right now.


Blinding rain – cannot see a thing, rain bands give the impression there is a circulation developing where we are…….clearing up ahead at the moment.


Currently in Comanche, extreme SE OK sheltering underneath a gas station canopy. The severe storm we were running from before has now caught up with us again – just waiting for the large hail!


Just crossed over into Texas. We are still caught up in a hell load of rain and lightning – just cannot seem to get out of it at the moment. Heading SW. The other problem now will be the threat of flash flooding so we need to keep an eye out…


Stu has just discovered there are two tanks of HP Supercells 50 miles from here a little further into Texas, Throckmorton in fact. One has produced 4 tornadoes already and the other is getting ready to! We should be there in under an hour…….


We are altering course again to avoid another but spectacular looking Supercell here in Texas. We are going to drop South to avoid the core. It does look mighty beautiful however.


This is the HEAVIEST RAIN I have even seen in my life. Just skidded at the bottom of a hill, ABS just kicked in!


Hail has just started like mad – not too large at the moment but it is getting bigger. We have decided to head back to Wichita Falls and find a hotel – we just cannot get out of this mess and its difficult driving conditions to say the least. Lightning bolt just shot right overhead. So a bit of a let down today. Maybe there will be something better tomorrow? At least we should be treated to a decent lightning show tonight.

Got some amazing pics of storm structure today - will post shortly.

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Guest Phil_Uk
Lightning bolt just shot right overhead.  So a bit of a let down today.  Maybe there will be something better tomorrow?

An overhead lightning bolt is a let down? Have you ever lived in Birmingham? :D

Seriously though. Hope tomorrow dwells better for you, and remember the most important rule, and that is to stay safe!


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