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06-27-2011: Spanish Plume...of Sorts

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  • Location: Cleeve, North Somerset

06-27-2011: Spanish Plume... of Sorts

June was quite an unsettled month but never very photogenic with a lot of frontal activity, messy showery activity and occasional bright sunny days. The term 'two fine days and a thunderstorm' nearly came true at the end of the month though. Instead, we received 'one fine day and pff'.

The Monday morning started hot and sunny with 25C by 10am but by midday it clouded over with turbulent cloud features arriving, signalling what would hopefully be the arrival of thunderstorms later.






My wishes of a proper thunderstorm however were dashed when some very active thunderstorms further southwest weakened rapidly through the afternoon as they headed north. There were one or two rumbles as I took the last picture, then a few spits of rain then it became cloudy for the rest of the day leaving an interesting display of mammatus.



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