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To Succeed, Solar Perovskites Need to Escape the Ivory Tower


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    What will tomorrow’s solar panels look like? This week, along with colleagues from Oxford and MIT, I published a feature in Scientific American making the case for cheap and colorful solar coatings derived from a new class of solar materials: perovskites. In this post, I’ll critically examine prospects for commercialization of solar perovskites, building on our article’s claim that this technology could represent a significant improvement over current silicon solar panels. We argue:



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    This may or may not be a goer but what is gratifying is that work and research is still being conducted in an effort to find the holy grail of energy and once a viable system has been established the advance of technology can be quite rapid these days.


    There is more than enough energy being radiated to our planet to satisfy the needs for all - all we have to do is to develop more efficient ways of harnessing and storing it.

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