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Switzerland has its highest reliably measured temperature on record

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  • Location: Camborne

It was another day for the record books on Tuesday as Europe's intense heat wave broke scores of all-time heat records at cities in Spain, Switzerland, France, and Italy. Geneva, Switzerland hit 103.5°F (39.7°C), smashing its old historical record of 102.0°F (38.9°C) set almost a century ago, in July 1921. The only higher temperature ever measured in the country was a 106.7°F (41.5°C) reading on August 11, 2003 at Grono. As reported at the Swiss news site swissinfo.ch, this was recorded "using an old measurement technique of weather huts, which generally recorded temperatures a few degrees higher than modern instruments." Weather records researcher Maximiliano Herrera agrees that yesterday's 39.7°C reading in Geneva is the highest reliably measured temperature ever in Switzerland, though the August 11, 2003 temperature at Grono was probably warmer (near 40°C), after correcting for the known problems with the site. Although Tuesday does not hold the official record for hottest day in Swiss history, it was their hottest July day, and they have joined five other nations that have set all-time July national heat records this month: Germany, the Netherlands, the U.K., Thailand, and Colombia. The European heat wave continues, with more all-time heat records at risk across Southeast Europe on Wednesday, and possibly on Thursday. The heat wave will finally die down by Friday, ending a remarkable 9-day span.

Jeff Masters

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