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October 2015 - Monthly Statistics

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  • Location: Failsworth, Manchester - alt: 93m
  • Weather Preferences: Hot sunshine and thunderstorms. Mild in winter.
  • Location: Failsworth, Manchester - alt: 93m

A brief summary here:


October 2015 - a very dry and anticyclonic autumn month. Very warm at the start and end and cooler in the middle, cancelling out to a slightly warmer than average month.


Days with:


Frost: 0

Rain (>1mm): 6

Strong winds (>40 mph gusts): 1

Thunder: 0

Hail: 0

No sun: 5

Snow falling: 0

Snow accumulating: 0

Fog: 2




Highest maxima: 20°C (1st)

Lowest maxima: 12°C (13th)

Highest minima: 13°C (6th)

Lowest minima: 2°C (12th)


Mean maxima: 14.55°C

Mean minima: 6.94°C

Overall mean: 10.74°C - 0.45°C above the 1981-2010 average


Air pressure at 18:00:


Highest air pressure: 1034mb (1st)

Lowest air pressure: 997mb (6th)

Mean air pressure: 1017.7 mb




post-21671-0-35756800-1446369250_thumb.p post-21671-0-19472500-1446369249_thumb.p

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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

for Cantley


Cantley weather summary for October 2015


 Maximum temperature 0.9C above average but the mean shows 0.3C due to slightly lower minimums. A fairly wet month overall but with 16 days showing no rainfall at all.

Mean=11.6 (11.3)

Avge Max=15.5 (14.6) Highest daytime=20.8 on the 2nd and the coldest day was 24th with 12.4

Avge Min=7.7 (7.9) the coldest night 25th with 3.2 and the warmest night was 6th with 15.0

No thunder hail or snow but fog on 3 mornings

Rainfall 63.4 mm with the wettest day 6th with 20.0 mm; 10 days with 0.2 mm or more and 8 with 1.0 mm or more

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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania



October - Hobart, Tasmania

A significant month for high temperature and low rainfall but not quite managing to break all time records for the main indicies. This was Hobart's second warmest October in 134 years of records for mean temperature ( 14.25 v 14.6 in 1963 ) but the equal warmest for mean maximum ( tie with 1963 ). Very dry weather is persisting into spring, with October rainfall the third lowest on record ( 14.4mm v 8.6mm in 1982 ), with the combined Sep-Oct rainfall making this the second driest start to spring on record ( 39.4mm v 35.6mm in 1914; about a third of the long-term average ). The Tasmania wide deficiency is more severe with October being the driest on record together with the Sep-Oct period. There are emerging economic problems developing which may become more apparent into the summer. The west coast district has the biggest anomaly, following the dearth of the westerly wind belt this season. Temperature anomalies below are 1981-2010 comparisons


Average maximum19.7 ( +2.4 )

Average minimum:  8.8 ( +0.5 )

Rainfall:  14mm ( average 62mm )

Rain days ( +1mm ):  3/from 8


The month began with a record breaking heat wave  - the highest 5 day average temperature for any October on record ( 27.7C from the 2nd to the 6th, surpassing the 26.1C average in the traditionally warmer second half of the month in 1922 ). This was a sunny period with very dry air originating from central Australia, but windy at times as weak fronts passed the south coast. On the 15th another hot northerly airflow gave Hobart another day exceeding 30C - the first October in 134 years of records to have two days higher than 30C. This was preceeded by a maximum of just 11C three days before, following the passage of a brief shallow colder change from the south-south east with overnight showers and drizzle, followed by overcast skies. The second half of the month was cooler with high pressure centred just to the west, with breezes coming in from seaward direction south to east, and often cloudy.


Extremes in daily temperature for October   

Highest maximum:  31.7...6th ( Record 34.6 in 1987 )

Lowest maximum:  11.3... 12th ( Record 6.0 in 1958 )


Highest minimum:  15.7... 3rd ( Record 20.2 in 1933 )

Lowest minimum:  4.0...13th ( Record 0.0 in 1889 )  

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  • Location: Reading
  • Location: Reading

My statistics for central Reading in October 2015:

Average maximum: 15.4
Average minimum: 8.5
Average for month: 11.9

Highest maximum: 18.5 (October 6)
Lowest maximum: 12.5 (25)
Highest minimum: 14.4 (6)
Lowest minimum: 2.0 (25)

Air frosts: none recorded
Days with thunder heard: 1
Days with fog at 9am: 1
No wintry precipitation observed.

Rainfall: Reading University recorded 51mm for the month, which is 70% of average.
Sunshine: Reading University shows around 90 hours for the month, which is about 80% of average.

Generally a duller and drier than average month with temperatures close to the long-term average.  The fine spell of late September continued into the first few days of October, with a few wet days following from the 5th.  Much of the rest of the month was characterised by anticyclonic gloom, with plenty of dry and settled weather albeit with little sunshine.  A cool spell around the middle of the month almost exactly balanced out the milder spells at the start and end.

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