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February 2017 Weather Statistics

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  • Location: The Purbeck Microclimate, Dorset.
  • Weather Preferences: warehamwx.co.uk
  • Location: The Purbeck Microclimate, Dorset.

    February turned in to a rather windy month, rainfall was pretty much average, sunshine was quite a bit below average. As you would expect, the mean temperature was way above average, with only 3 frost days.


    High: 15.9 °C - [20th February]
    Low: 1.2 °C - [6th February]

    Average: 7.1 °C
    MetO Derived Average: 5.4 °C

    chart.thumb.png.770012feeb0781035d8f685b9a339f4c.png 58b6bbfb333bc_chart(1).thumb.png.7923ee2603d1a7c5fe13447ccc646ef1.png


    High: 99 % - [1st February]
    Low: 47 % - [24th February]



    High: 1031.46 hPa - [16th February]
    Low: 984.42 hPa - [27th February]



    Max Gust: 50 mph - [23rd February]
    Max Speed (10 min avg): 23 mph - [23rd February]
    Avg Speed: 7 mph
    High Wind Run: 340.4 miles - [2nd February]
    Dominant Dir: West Southwest

    58b6bc0368ac9_chart(4).thumb.png.257a68d19cdd96b93daf863eba3359b8.png 58b6bc06bbbef_chart(5).thumb.png.651d4136e02761ad7f8f902901b77930.png


    Total: 65.2 mm
    MetO Derived Avg: 63.6 mm

    Max Rain Rate: 17 mm/hr - [27th February]
    Max Hourly Rain: 5.4 mm - [27th February]
    Max Daily Rain: 13.6 mm - [27th February]

    58b6bc0812c0c_chart(6).thumb.png.3fb2715d030a5f4e184144f620970388.png 58b6bc0a70aa3_chart(7).thumb.png.c57edd257759c2c33519c59f635aef82.png 58b6bc0cd6155_chart(8).thumb.png.c3e4931b6e2fb6c974079030f98f5726.png 58b6bc0ee6e29_chart(9).thumb.png.a2fc1561ce81a71093ff08d6503ae131.png

    Solar Radiation and Sunshine Data:

    Max Daily High Solar: 687 Wm⁻² - [23rd February]
    Min Daily High Solar:  79 Wm⁻² - [16th February]

    Max Sunshine: 7.5 hrs - [25th February]
    Min Sunshine: 0 hrs - [5 days]

    Total Sunshine: 55.6 hrs
    MetO Derived Avg: 85.4 hrs

    58b6bc11af9cc_chart(10).thumb.png.c334ebf9542d08dd4c736651b931bcf6.png 58b6bc13ef66c_chart(11).thumb.png.9ed123a12fe12ba9e045870d5d8c73c9.png 58b6bc1698a2f_chart(12).thumb.png.414e62b47ab9df6957cf2a59c9258a64.png

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  • Location: Nr Malton, North Yorkshire 53m
  • Weather Preferences: Snow/Thunderstorms
  • Location: Nr Malton, North Yorkshire 53m

    Firby February 2017 Stats.


    Mean Temp: 5.5c (+1.7c)

    Mean Min: 2.7c

    Mean Max: 8.3c

    Min Temp: -2.9c (5th)

    Max Temp: 13.2c (20th)

    Highest Min: 7.4c (19th)

    Lowest Max: 2.5c (9th)

    Air Frosts: 4


    Total Rainfall: 56.6mm

    Wettest Day: 13.6mm

    Rain Days: 18

    Dry Days: 10


    Highest: 1032.65 hPa (8th)

    Lowest: 976.10 hPa: (23rd)

    No days with recorded snow lying.

    4 days with snow falling.

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  • Location: Barton on Sea, Hampshire
  • Weather Preferences: Snowy winter, warm/hot summer with the odd storm thrown in
  • Location: Barton on Sea, Hampshire

    February 2017


    Max temp: 15.6°C (20th)

    Min temp: -0.9°C (6th)

    Mean Max 9.1°C

    Mean Min 4.6°C

    Air Frosts: 3


    Total: 60.4mm

    Wettest day: 11.4mm (27th)

    Max Rain Rate: 10.8mm/hr (2nd)

    Rain Days: 19

    Dry Days: 11


    Highest: 1031.36 hPa (16th)

    Lowest: 984.46 hPa (28th)


    Days with snow falling: 1

    Days with snow lying: 0

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  • Location: Hounslow, London
  • Weather Preferences: Csa/Csb
  • Location: Hounslow, London

    Avg max: 10.0c
    Avg min: 5.1c
    Mean: 7.8c

    Highest max: 18.1c
    Lowest max: 2.3c
    Highest min: 11.1c
    Lowest min: -0.5c

    Days above 15c: 1
    Days above 12c: 9
    Days above 10c: 18
    Days below 5c: 4

    Rainfall: 38.2 mm
    Wet days >1mm: 13

    Sun hours: 47.8 hrs
    Days with sun: 18

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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania


    February - Hobart, Tasmania

    A very dry end to summer with a close to average temperature for the month. There was no temperature anomaly compared to the 1981-2010 figures ( listed below ), but it was  +0.4C warmer than the 1961-90 period.

    Average maximum:  22.9 ( +0.8 )

    Average minimum:  11.8 ( -0.8 ).

    Rainfall:  10mm ( average 39mm )

    Rain days ( +1mm ):  4/from 7

    This was the driest February since 2003 but it fell short of a historical top ten ranking. February is traditionally the driest month of the year but this year was much drier than normal with an absence of late summer rain bearing systems ( upper low pressure troughs extending south from the continent, cut off lows over the Tasman Sea, or storms on fronts moving in from the west ). These events  are fairly irregular. This was an unusual month for not having a 30 degree day, but there were several warm and pleasant days which fell 2 or 3 degrees short.

    Extremes in daily temperature for February ( records since 1882 ):

    Highest maximum:  28.1.....22nd ( record 40.1 in 1899 )

    Lowest maximum:  17.2.....13th ( record 9.6 in 1964 )

    Highest minimum:  16.6.....9th ( record 24.7 in 1912 )

    Lowest minimum:  8.5.....25th ( record 3.4 in 1980 )


    This summer will be remembered for an absence of hot days. The highest temperature of 31.3C was the lowest for any summer since 1977/78, and only two days exceeded 30C, the lowest number of days since the summer of 2001/02 when there was a rare one. Nevertheless, this was a warmer summer than average with an anomaly of +0.7C above the 1981-2010 numbers, or +1.0C above the 1961-90 numbers. The mean minimum was 12.5C and the mean maximum was 22.6C. There was more sunshine than average. Summer rainfall was 127mm ( 90% of the long-term average )


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