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Winter 2017/18 personal thoughts.

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Hi guys, so as you can see I’m Justin, I work for Essex County council and have a role when we get ice or a nice dumping here. Also I’m new to this forum so if there’s a thread similar to this or I’m doing anything wrong just say guys.


Anyway I thought we should have a thread where we can all share our thoughts on the coming winter, whatever they may be.

So to start it off, illl share my thoughts.


So obviously in the UK every year is different, unlike other countries in Europe or the world which is very predicitible and reppetive most years.

We will always have periods of Mild wet and windy days from the Atlantic, including this year, but days/weeks with cold and snow are variable.


this ear is good signs for collies as we have had many snow risks already. My opinion is that we will have a handful of very cold periods throughout, but as always will have frontal periods two. 


Get posting

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  • Location: South ockendon essex

    Hi justin. Well every year i have my "if only" personal thoughts  that winters going to start early (like mid november!) And continue til march! This year im missing out the "if only" bit and trying to be more realistic. So far so good this winter.  I do believe, we will get a milder outbreaks b4 christmas, but i think weve got a few stormy episodes to get through between now and new year. After that i really think this is the winter to change the rulebook! I think snow for january and more snow for February. Im sure by March  we'll  all be sick of the sight of it!  Oh well! Thats me just ruined it for  everyone!  

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