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The global climate anomaly 1940–1942


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  • Location: Camborne
  • Location: Camborne

The cold European winters during the Second World War (1941/42 was the third in a row) are famous. They even affected the course of the war (Lejenäs 1989).However,it is less well-known that at the same time climate was also anomalous in other regions of the world. Temperatures were exceptionally high in Alaska, and a prolonged El Niño was reported. Moreover, scientists noted unusually high values of total ozone over several European sites. The cold winters inRussia were merely a facet of a global climate anomaly encompassing the tropo-sphere and stratosphere, a fact that was not realised until recently (Brönnimann et al.2004a, Labitzke and van Loon 1999).


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