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June memories


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  • Location: Perth, Scotland
  • Location: Perth, Scotland

Be interesting to read everyone’s memories of June over the past 10/15 years or so since lockdown is getting to me.

2019: Not actually a bad month in my area, the second half was rather pleasant with sunny days and pleasantly warm temperatures, we only had one day of rain after the 17th (29th) nice end after a disappointing first half.

2018: Phenomenal month, warm, dry and sunny for the vast majority aside from a few days midmonth (11th-17th) a fantastic hail storm on the 9th with foam forming on the A9 making it look like lying snow. Last few days were fantastic. 31.C reached on the 28th.

2017: Very wet and dull although warm. Most annoying that the warmth was at night whereas maximum temperatures were around average. We missed out on the heatwave midmonth although we did manage 25.C.

2016: Similar to 2017 although not quite as wet, it actually started very nice with lots of warm sunshine in the first week, some good thunderstorms in the second week although after that it was mostly cool and wet.

2015: Cool, dry and dry dull pretty poor for the most part aside from a few days in the second week and the last week where it did get noticeably warmer.

2014: Another dull and wet month although very warm, nighttime temperatures were again especially high although unlike 2016, 2017 there was a few sunny and hot days spread out throughout the month.

2013: Quite unusual for June it was rather dry although temperatures and sunshine were exactly average, no warm days I didn’t exceed 23.C all month but there was plenty hazy sunshine throughout and there was no spells of cool weather many days stayed within a 16.C-20.C bracket. Although it was pretty windy.

2012: Abysmal month 20.C was only reached once, just persistent dull and wet weather throughout.

2011: A great first and last few days were sandwiched between a cool and wet majority of month. Some notable downpours and surprisingly chilly nights at times.

2010: Very good month although it took a rather long time to get going some fantastic weather just after midmonth and plenty of days above 20.C.

2009: A excellent first few days final week were again sandwiched by a rather unsettled two weeks between them although it stayed quite mild.

2008: Very unsettled although the month turned out exactly average. Never the same weather for 2/3 days in a row.

2007: Exceptionally dull very wet but it was rather warm especially in the first half. Very cool and wet in the second half.

2006: Similar to 2010 but was warm throughout.


share your memories over the last few years or any June’s that have stayed in your long term memory.


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  • Location: Hounslow, London
  • Weather Preferences: Csa/Csb
  • Location: Hounslow, London

2019: dull and wet, but a bit warmer than average.

2018: very warm, dry and sunny

2017: very warm, dry, average sun. 

2016: temps slightly warmer than average, but the dullest on record and extremely wet. 

2015: very cool to start, warming up at the end of the month. Nothing really stood out.

2014: warm, dry, sunny

2013: cool, dull but dry

2012: absolutely dire in every way possible. Was the cloudiest June on record until 2016

2011: average temps, dull and wet. Nice hot spell late on.

2010: warm, dry and sunny

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  • Location: Cleeve, North Somerset
  • Weather Preferences: Continental winters & summers.
  • Location: Cleeve, North Somerset

Probably my favourite month down here.

2019 - awful during the first half after the warm opening weekend; very dull, cool and wet - then much better second half with little rain and increasingly more sunshine and a hot final few days

2018 - outstanding from start to finish despite a cloudy blip around midmonth; hardly any rain, low humidity and abundant sunshine

2017 - an interesting month that felt more like a back-to-front August; rather poor conditions in the first third, very sunny and warm middle third with a notable heatwave that brought the hottest weather of the year, then a bland but mainly dry final third

2016 - very pleasant, sunny and warm first third that got increasingly humid, then April showers for the middle third, although my area missed most of them and remained largely dry, then cooler and westerly in the final third where most of the month's rain fell

2015 - dry and very sunny, although never overly warm until the final week and a hot last day; kinda felt more like May; the worst day was the 01st

2014 - largely a very sunny, warm and dry month; again never too hot and only two unusable days

2013 - dry and quite sunny but, again, never that warm; in fact notable cool on a few days when winds were westerly

2012 - 'pass me the bucket'...

2011 - beautiful start and finish but pretty naff for most of the month with plenty of April showers and feeling cool

2010 - lovely month with copious sunshine and very little rain; pretty unbroken sunshine for the second half of the month

2009 - a changeable but mostly dry month that was very easterly; sunny first week, and midmonth, and a very warm thundery final week with a heatwave to close

2008 - often quite sunny but rarely overly warm apart from early on; some chilly nights midmonth and some windy days later on but little rain

2007 - a humid month - dry, warm and sunny first third, a humid and showery/thundery middle third, then generally cool, dull and rather wet final third

2006 - lovely month through and through; two heatwaves and plenty of warm dry weather in between; only a brief cool cloudy blip later on

2005 - an autumnal opening few days, then sunny and cool followed by sunny and warm/hot; tremendous thunderstorms towards the end of the month

2004 - beautiful first half with plentiful warmth and sunshine, a notably chilly northerly, then a notable gale on the 23rd, then cool and changeable

2003 - a similar humid feeling month to 2007 but warmer and sunnier with plenty of sunshine without notable heat; showery at times early on though

2002 - very disappointing but never a washout; dull and changeable for the most part but the second half was mostly dry with more sunshine

2001 - pretty dry; rather cool and often dull first half but much better second half with a heatwave in the final week

2000 - dry and mostly fine with a mix of cooler days and a notable plume midmonth that is often forgotten; I do remember a very wet day shortly after

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