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Statistic about August

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  • Location: Northern Lake District 150m
  • Location: Northern Lake District 150m
    the last time for each month the average daily maximum was 1c or more above average - for my part of the world 

    January - 2008, then 2007

    February - 2017

    March - 2017, also 2012 and 2011

    April - 2014, then 2011

    May - 2017, then 2016

    June - 2016, then 2014

    July - 2014, then 2013

    AUGUST - 2004, then 2003

    September - 2016, then 2014

    October - 2014, then 2011

    November - 2015, then 2014

    December - 2016, then 2015.
    Just shows how bad the run of Augusts has been, interesting about January though as well. 


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  • Location: Windermere 120m asl
  • Location: Windermere 120m asl

    Thanks for these stats, yes August has been very poor here for a long number of years as well, often cool wet and predominantly cloudy - indeed I think it has been the lack of sunshine and lengthy high pressure spells that has been the culprit. August can be one of the wettest months of the year in the Lake District, often we then see a switch in early September to much drier settled conditions.

    Interesting stats for January, would have thought Jan 2014 at least returned maxes 1 degree above norm, we saw very little in the way of cold weather that month. However, most January's since 2008 have seen very/cold or lengthy average spells of weather. 

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